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Himno nacional de Colombia en ingles

Himno nacional de Colombia en ingles

Oh imperishable glory!
Oh immortal Joy! In ruts of pains The good germinates already!

It(He,She) stopped the horrible night! The sublime freedom spills the dawns of his(her,your) invincible light.
The humanity informs, that between(among) chains moans, understands(includes) the words of the one that died in the cross.

The IInd
Independence shouts the American world;
The land of Colon baths(bathes) in heroes' blood.
But this great beginning(principle): the King is not sovereign, resounds, and those who suffer bless his(her,your) passion.

The IIIrd
Of the Orinoco the riverbed is fulfilled with wreckage;
Of blood and weeping a river looks there to run.
In Bárbula neither the souls nor the eyes know, if admiration or fright(threat) to be sorry or to suffer.

The IVth
On the banks of the hungry Carib a people(village) fights, Horrors prefiriendo to perfidious health.
Oh, yes, of Cartagena the abnegation is great, and rubbles of the death he(she) despises his(her,your) virtue.

Of Boyacá in the fields the genius of the glory with every spike an unconquered hero crowned.
Soldiers without cuirass gained(earned) the victory;
His(Her,Your) manly breath of shield served them.

Bolivar crosses Cover that it(he,she) waters two oceans;
Swords which(who) sparks fulguran in Junín.
Indomitable centaurs descend to the plains, and the end(purpose) starts sensed beforehand of the epic.

The VIIth
The victorious horn in Ayacucho thunders;
And in every victory his(her,your) formidable sound grows.
In his(her,your) expansive push the freedom has the premiere(makes the first sale of the day), of the American sky forming(training) a pavilion(flag).

The VIIIth
The virgin his(her,your) hairs starts(extracts) in agony and of his(her,your) love widow hangs them of the cypress.
He(She) is sorry about his(her,your) hope that covers cold crockery, but glorious pride surrounds his(her,your) dawn tez.

The IXth
The mother land like that forms(trains) Termópilas appearing;
Constellation of cyclops his(her,your) night illuminated.
The shaken, mortal flower the wind treading, below the laurels safety searched

Mas is not a complete glory to win(expire) in the battle, that the arm that fights it encourages the truth.
The alone independence to the great clamor does not silence;
If the Sun lights all, justice is a freedom.

The XIth
Of the man the rights Nariño preaching, the soul of the fight prophetic taught(showed).
Ricaurte in San Mateo in atoms flyi, to owe before that life with flames wrote.

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juan fernando duque osorio dijo...

estuvo bien y ayuda a muchas tareas

juan fernando duque osorio dijo...

es muy bueno y ayuda a muchas tareas